I feel my help coming

A Volume of Sermons

By Thomas W. Spann

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Cover I Feel My Help Coming

About The Book


The title of this book is derived from traditional African American oratory. This collection of sermons comes out of Thomas Spann’s fifty-plus years of preaching the gospel. These sermons witness to the liberating presence of God in a variety of human life experiences. Thomas Spann offers this book to the Church in the assurance that the “help” expressed in the preacher’s sermon continues to be available to readers of these sermons. Thomas Spann believes that these written sermons can still offer comfort and challenge as the reader opens her or his heart to the living God. God’s Word is never left void or without a witness. It is Thomas Spann’s hope that additional insights will come to the reader of each sermon, whether in personal reflections or a vibrant study group. A study guide is included for personal reflection or small group discussion. The study guide is divided into the following sections: Text, Sermon, Personal Growth, Social Implications, Deeper Theological Considerations, and Further Study.

“While there are unique responses from the pew, there are also phrases in pulpit oratory that have stood the test. Some of these expressions include: “Can I get a witness?,” “Ain’t God good?,” “Help me, Holy Ghost,” and “Ain’t He alright?” One expression that used to be a standard part of pulpit oratory but is infrequently heard today is, “I feel my help coming.”


What’s inside








Old Testament Chapters: 10 Sermons


New Testament Chapters: 15 Sermons


Study Guide

  • Text
  • Sermon
  • Personal Growth
  • Social implications
  • Deeper theological considerations
  • Further study

About the Author

Chapter 1

Raising the Standards

Numbers 2:2, 3, 10, 18 and 25

Verse 2: “The Israelites shall camp by their respective[standards]…they shall camp facing the tent of meeting on every side.”

Verse 3: “On the east side toward the sunrise shall be the [standard] of the camp of Judah…”

Verse 10: “On the south side shall be the [standard] of the camp of Reuben…”

Verse 18: “On the west side shall be the [standard] of the camp of Ephraim…”

Verse 25: “On the north side shall be the [standard] of the camp of Dan…”

At this point in the book of Numbers, the Israelites have been encamped in the wilderness of Sinai since the third month after the exodus. They are gathered according to tribes, with three tribes each occupying one of the cardinal points on the compass. Thus, there are three tribes in the east with a standard, three in the south with a standard, three in the west with a standard, and three in the north with a standard, all encircling the tent of meeting, which was the symbolic place of meeting God.

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Congregational feedback is standard fare in a traditional African American church. Pew oratory is integral to the heightened experience of praising God. Speaking aloud (to each other, the preacher, and God) makes the Word become flesh, abiding in joyful tones and sometimes in expressions of anguished expectations. No one is expected to sit still in a dynamic worship experience. Inviting and experiencing God’s presence is the work of the whole congregation.

Several phrases in the pew vocabulary of worship are well known. When I served as the pastor of the First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church in Dallas, I could always expect to hear someone in the choir urge the preacher on by saying, “You betta preach!” Other expressions from the pew include: “ Say it,” “Come on with it,” “Let the Lord use you,” and “Stay right there.” Every worshiper in the Black church (church member or not) intuits the freedom to say “Amen” and to witness to a truth or an insight carved out of life experiences.

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