A Children’s Book:

A Girl Dreams of Preaching

By Thomas W. Spann

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In Praise for A girl Dreams of Preaching


A Girl Dreams of Preaching

In Praise for A girl Dreams of Preaching

“What an inspiring tribute to girls and women who hear and answer the call to preach! Dr. Thomas Spann’s Dedication tribute to his granddaughters demonstrates his affirmation of young girls who aspire to pursue any career path they are led to embrace, particularly those that historically have been deemed exclusively for our male counterparts. He constructs the story from a female child’s perspective that breaks down the long-held erroneous notion that preaching the Word of God can only be done by men. Spann’s brilliance at weaving “the then” and “the now” in ways that circumvent cultural, ethnic, and gender divides is both thought-provoking and inspiring. I wholeheartedly endorse this masterful piece of literary storytelling.”

Reverend Lynda L. Mayberry,
Executive Pastor, St. Luke “Community” UMC
Dallas, Texas

“At a time when children are targeted and killed in horrific mass shootings, a young girl dreams. Dr. Thomas Spann has, in this book, created a dreamer who defies her misogynistic environment and moments of self-doubt, to put her gifts to work to realize her dreams. Bolstered by her mother’s encouragement and her dad’s prayers, Lucinda presses forward using makeshift props and tools and reluctant audiences.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Spann for his novel literary excursion that lands us in a good and hopeful place where dreams can come true, especially for children.”

Rev. Dr. Henry L. Masters, Sr.,
Publisher, By Faith Magazine

“When I finished reading this book to my seven-year-old daughter, she immediately stood up and started clapping. Needless to say, A Girl Dreams of Preaching deserves a round of applause. It provides a story of hope that imagines a world where little Black girls can be anything they dream of. Lucinda encourages little girls around the world to say “yes” to God and live their dreams, even when they are told they can’t.”

Reverend Jeremiah Johns,
Pastor, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky

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