MEDITATIONS – Monday Is Coming

By Thomas W. Spann


By Thomas W. Spann

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40MidWeek-Meditations - Cover

About The Book


Many and varied are daily devotional books for the calendar year. This book differs in that the reader can reflect on any one of forty sermonic meditations from week to week. This is not a time-driven book of devotionals. Any set of meditations in this book can be used as the basis of a small group Bible study.

Thomas Spann’s interpretations of many of the psalms in the Book of Psalms bear witness to the psalmist’s concern for personal and social salvation as well as reflect God’s deep and abiding commitment to help the weak and the oppressed. This book affirms that the Book of Psalms is rich with laments, calls for national thanksgiving, prayers of rescue, testimonies of deliverance, and sustained summons to praise God for God’s mighty deeds.

Most of these meditations or sermons were delivered at the St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church in Dallas during the church’s weekly Wednesday night service of prayer and praise.

Thomas Spann begins this book with reflections on Psalm 1 and concludes with a creative rendition of Psalm 150.

Meditation prepares us to hold fast to

  • the virtue of resistance
  • the value of democracy, and
  • the vision of a new human future.

What’s inside




Are You a Morning or Night Person?

Psalm 1:2


The Character of Joy

Psalm 4:7


When Children Sing

Psalm 8:2


Life Every Voice

Psalm 13:1-6


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Psalm 15


Lasting Impressions

Psalm 19:14


And 34 more mid-week meditations

Chapter 1

Are You a Morning or Night Person? 

Psalm 1:2

In Cleophus LaRue’s book, Power in the Pulpit, twelve nationally-known Black preachers share their method for sermon preparation. One of the twelve preachers is Dr. Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr., emeritus pastor of St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. In his chapter on how he prepares his sermons, Dr. Holmes states that when it comes to the writing of the sermon manuscript, he is a morning person; he does most of his sermon work during the first hours of the day.
There are preachers, poets, and politicians who are morning persons. There are musicians, movie actors, and money managers who are night persons.
Verse two of this psalm states that those who delight in God’s law
or God’s word meditate on it day and night. Obviously, none of us can literally stay awake day and night meditating on God’s word. This is the psalmist’s way of acknowledging that God’s word is relevant in every circumstance—both day and night. We are being invited to stay awake, to stay alert, or to be conscious of the immediacy of God’s word. For even when we are asleep, God’s word is watching over us. The God who neither slumbers nor sleeps is the God of the daylight and God of the starlight.
God’s word is worthy of contemplation when we can see our way through, that is, in the day, and ……

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I was introduced to Wednesday Night Prayer Service at the Pine Bluff Baptist Church in Karnack, Texas. The pastor was Reverend Joseph Cooper. Practically every church in the rural community where I grew up had a front yard billboard with the following weekly schedule: Worship Service 11:00am; Sunday School 9:30am; and Wednesday Prayer Service 7:00pm. Pine Bluff Church had a group of eight to ten members who met in homes for mid-week service. As a child I remember my mother hosting one of these meetings. I would peep through the keyhole or stand at the door trying to understand what was going on. I distinctly remember the members singing, praying, and calling the roll of sick and shut-in members. They took up an offering to show their love for members who were sick. It was not until I received my call to ministry that I was invited to participate in the church’s mid-week service. 

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