A Necessary Transition

A Book of Sermons

By Thomas W. Spann


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Thomas W Spann - First Sunday - Front Cover

About The Book


Most of the sermons in this collection were delivered at either St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas or at the First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church in Dallas, Texas. Having been tested before live audiences and critiqued by loving friends, Thomas Spann offers them partial fruits of his fifty years in the preaching ministry. He contends that every sermon is a “great” sermon if it falls on fertile soil and matures in the life of receptive disciples of Jesus Christ. Thomas Spann’s prayer is that these sermons be received by the reader in a way that invites intellectual, spiritual, moral, and personal growth. 

A Necessary Transition – A Book of Sermons contains twenty-six sermons for personal devotion and small group study. This volume begins with the sermon titled “A Necessary Transition” and concludes in celebration with the well-received sermon simple titled. “O”.


What’s inside






Chapter 1: Seasons of Change


Chapter 2 : Questions


Chapter 3: Imperatives


Chapter 4: Home


Chapter 5: A Different Approach


Chapter 6: Prophetic Insights


Chapter 7: Celebration

Chapter 1

A Necessary Transition 

John 6:16-21

Life is filled with transitions. Nations go through transitions in political leadership. America went through a major transition when Senator Barack Obama was elected to the office of the president. South Africa went through a transition from white majority rule to a multiracial democracy under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. Transitions take place in the workplace as employees are promoted or downsized or there is a major reorganization. Colleges and universities undergo transitions each year as new students are enrolled or as some faculty members retire and others are hired. Churches go through transitions with new pastors or new forms of administrative governance.

Some transitions are smooth; others can be quite stormy. Many churches have experienced difficulties in transitioning from one set of officers or leaders to another. There are church lay leaders who have been in office for a number of years but are not ready to relinquish their hold on power. This, of course, leads to tensions in the effort to transition to new leaders.

Transitions occur in the personal life of faith, also. To come to a deeper faith in Jesus sometimes means having to struggle. We are often faced with struggles in faith in the face of a major loss, such as a death of a loved one, a major health crisis, an unexpected layoff, or a scandal in the life of a revered spiritual leader. The text that is before us presents an experience of struggle in the life of the disciples.

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Many times during my fifty years of preaching I have been invited and encouraged to write a book of sermons. Having written two other books, I consider this work to be the most challenging and humbling. I have hesitated because preaching is essentially the word of God orally proclaimed in a context of worship. I am a manuscript preacher. If the sacred word of God on paper is preached to a live audience, is it any less relevant and reachable in print? I have come to the position that the sermon verbally presented in worship can have relevance and reachability in print as the reader brings to the printed sermons an open mind and an open heart. God continues to speak long after the preacher has sat down.

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