Saying Amen Through Advent

By Thomas W. Spann

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Saying Amen through Advent

About Saying Amen Through Advent


ADVENT/CHRISTMAS : Advent marks the beginning of the Christian year. Many congregations hold four-week study sessions on appropriate scriptures for the season. Saying Amen through Advent is written as an Advent resource for congregations that want to study scriptures and messages that highlight social implications of the gospel and call Christians to deepen their discipleship. Additionally, the book includes messages for the Christmas season. These messages may be used for personal meditation as well as in small study groups. After each Advent and Christmas message there is an opportunity for the reader to reflect on questions. There are several messages included for each week during Advent. As a multi-year resource, the book offers an opportunity for congregations to prepare Advent studies for up to four years. 

Saying Amen through Advent includes a helpful study guide.


What’s inside


Week One

“See, Your Savior Comes!”
“The Days are Surely Coming”
.. and more


Week Three

Valuing Each Day
It’s A New Day!
.. and more

Christmas Messages

A Meditation on Christmas Eve
A Meditation on Christmas
.. and more

Week Two

Advent Housecleaning
Taking Inventory
.. and more

Week Four

What Should We Do?
The Church’s Persistent Plea
.. and more


This book is a study guide for the Advent and Christmas seasons. The style of each message is homiletical. As sermons, I believe that they can both teach and inspire. It is my belief that good sermons challenge head and heart. For over fifty years I have tried to write along the horizon where the head and the heart cohere. Sometimes I feel that I have succeeded; other times I am still striving to meet my own goal. Either way, this book is submitted as an installment on my commitment to be the best preacher, teacher, and writer that I can be. This book is written for lay readers. I trust, however, that academicians can join the devotional journey from Advent to Christmas and beyond.

This book is divided into two main sections—Advent and Christmas. In the Advent section, in accordance with the timeline of the season, there are four weeks of reflections. For each week there are at least four messages. The facilitator of a small group is expected to select one or two messages for each session. The number of messages per week makes this book a unique and an ideal multi-year study.

At the end of each message ….

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Weeks + Christmas Message



The man to whom this book is dedicated was called “Mr. Bishop College,” due to his tenure and influence at the school and in the community. He served for many years, both when Bishop College was in Marshall and later in Dallas, as a professor in political science. He was a gifted preacher, a committed scholar, and a generous human being.

I first met him at a District Congress of Christian Education, sponsored by the Texas-Louisiana Missionary Baptist Association. Each summer the Association sponsored week-long classes and worship services. Dr. Banks was one of the architects of the curricular offerings as well as a devotional and song leader. His booming voice and his animated choreography led young people in singing with joy and surrender the old hymn “Count on Me.” One of the events of the week was a youth program with a guest preacher. Being the youngest minister in the association, I was invited to give the Youth Address. After giving my address from the floor, Dr. Melvin J. Banks came to the edge of the pulpit and beckoned me to him. With no personal introduction, the first words out of his mouth were: “Mr. Spann, where are you going to college?” At that time, I had not decided on a school. His follow-up comment was not a suggestion but a command. He said, “You are going to Bishop College. Get an application and I will see you in the fall.” I decided that I could count on him for guidance and support.

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